Projecten voor de toekomst


Since inception, blueTree Group has emphasized its core values of excellence in service, integrity, punctuality, teamwork and courage to help achieve the dream of improving access to affordable and quality books for children in low-income countries who cannot afford them.

blueTree Group participates in various platforms that focus on quality education, books and literacy. This has taken the form of presentations in international fora and one on one discussions with relevant stakeholders. In this regard blueTree Group has presented and participated in the following Early Grade Reading platforms:

  • CIES 2020: “Lean and Green” Book Supply Chains: Efficient, Effective, and Climate-Friendly Book Provision
  • CIES 2019: 'Liberating Learners & Teachers: A guide to providing learning materials for education projects'
  • USAID Global Reading Network Webinar presentation 2018: ‘Preparing for Successful EGR Book Procurement’
  • CIES 2018: 'Amazon does not deliver to this address: Track & Trace for School Materials'
  • USAID Post-AREW Training 2016: 'The Book Chain and Best Practices for Reading Materials'
  • CIES 2016: 'Books for Every Child: The Global Book Fund, Part I of III: Promoting Quality While Increasing Access to Content'
  • mEducation Alliance Symposium 2015: S.T.E.M. Village station 4
  • CIES 2015: ’Enabling reading for all: transforming the book chain from title development to distribution’
  • USAID Education Summit 2013 ’State of the Field, State of the Art’
  • CIES 2012, ‘the importance of basic learning materials in low-income countries: where are The books?’
  • The ADEA Working Group on Books and Learning Materials conference in 2011
  • A Community of Practice for Getting the Right Books to Kids in lower-income Countries’
  • USAID webinar, seminar ‘Best practices for the development of supplementary Early Grade Reading Materials’
  • Global Book Alliance ideation meetings

In addition we have presented and participated in the following development cooperation and CSR platforms:

  • Wereldveroveraars (2011-2012)
  • MVO grensverleggers ’’Growing SME’s Africa’
  • Partos Portal development
  • Netherlands Africa Business Council ‘Africa works’ session

These platforms focus on Learning for All, Early Grade Reading, access to books and development cooperation in general. Through active participation we have been able to share and develop in-depth knowledge and to lobby for enhanced access to books, a conducive policy environment for development of the book chain and effective public-private partnerships. All these efforts are ultimately focused on turning the dream of ‘Books for the other 90 per cent’ into reality.