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To build a sustainable book chain in different developing countries, one size does not fit all. It is important to tailor make the Technical Assistance according to the needs of the client, taking into account local realities, building on the opportunities and working to overcome the challenges.  

Assistance to educational projects
We provide hands on assistance to educational projects in terms of their book development-, procurement-, print- and distribution- needs. This includes training of the materials development team and procurement specialists and development of materials production and distribution plans. These interventions lead to savings in book development and procurement. These savings can be used to provide more books or to invest in local capacity building.
Track & Trace implementation 
blueTree group implements Track & Trace, an innovative system that facilitates traceability of the movement of books from print, distribution and to the classroom. An essential element of the Track & Trace model is community engagement. Data use and management is decentralized and information is distributed to all stakeholders through an app or SMS. This allows for transparency and empowerment at the community level. Parents and other stakeholders who are strong advocates for the children’s education are therefore incentivized to become a part of the book supply chain.
Technical training of printers and procurers
To improve graphic knowledge and skills of the demand and supply side, we provide technical training to both printers and procurers in the form of three modules addressing the process of book development in a developing country context. 
Individual support to printers
After evaluating their capacity and operations, we support local printers to (re)write their business plans and investment strategies and help them to address managerial and operational challenges. This enables the printers to produce affordable, quality books in the most efficient way. We underscore the importance of collaboration amongst local printers and provide a platform for collaboration and consultation.
Policy review and development
We review the regulatory framework and support local stakeholders in creating a policy environment that boosts the development of a healthy book chain. Various policies can have a considerable impact on the functioning of the book chain. These include the National Textbook Policy, the country’s import policy with regard to finished books and raw materials to locally produce books as well as the country’s language policy.
Support for publishing and distribution
blueTree Group guides suppliers of content, printers and distribution partners to establish an efficient bookchain. This involves the review of business models in the current market, technological development, the introduction of a Stock Management System and the introduction of Track & Trace systems.