blueTree Group supports governments, development partners, NGO’s and the private sector in the development of an efficient local book chain. We conduct Country Assessments, offer Technical Assistance and conduct Research.


Vignet Country assessment blueTree GroupCountry Assessments

  • We generally start activities in a developing country through conducting a Country Assessment, mapping out challenges and opportunities with regard to the local book chain and local capacity building.
  • blueTree Group assists in building a sustainable ecosystem of demand and supply for books.
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Vignet Technical assistance blueTree GroupTechnical Assistance

  • It is important to tailor make the technical assistance taking into account local realities, building on the opportunities and working to overcome the challenges.
  • Technical assistance includes training of local printers and procurers, individual support to printers, policy review and development, support for publishing, distribution and program implementation.
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Vignet research blueTree GroupResearch

  • blueTree Group conducts desktop and field research into best practices for book development and other pressing issues that relate to quality education, literacy and numeracy, the book chain, printing and e-reading in developing countries.
  • Our knowledge of the global graphic industry and the book chain in over 12 African countries provides us a comparative element that supports the identification of best practices.
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