Dorah Nyrienda

August, 2021

Meet Dorah Nyirenda!
BlueTree’s project based local consultant based in Malawi

BlueTree Group has worked in Malawi for many years on various reading projects. During these projects we have worked with Dorah Nyirenda many times. Dorah has over 15 years of work experience in the field of Education, Bookselling, Publishing, Printing and Distribution- the whole Book supply chain. And she has strong networks and connections with all stakeholders in Education, i.e Ministry of Education, Development Partners, Publishers, Printers and NGO’s. Her experience and strong networks have proven valuable in our projects.  

“I have a proven track record of success in delivering effective support to plan, execute, and analyze book supply chain Projects in Malawi, and I have always committed to working with stakeholders to identify book supply chain issues and achieve greater efficiencies.  

I have worked with BTG Group in Malawi on the assessment of the capacity of Printers in Malawi and also on USAID Global Book Alliance in Action (GBAIA) project to conduct Supply Chain Analysis (SCA), where I coordinated data collection and analysis for publishers and printers in Malawi, book supply chain management and lead engagement personnel with partners on the ground, delivering support to plan, execute and analyze book supply chain in Malawi and reviewed Malawi book supply chain analysis report.” 

We have local consultants in many countries, and our network keeps broadening. Would you like to know more about how we work with project based local consultants, or how we have gained such an extensive network, please send us a message at   


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