Book Supply Chain Management during COVID-19 crisis

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The global crisis that we are all currently facing is unprecedented and gives great uncertainty about the future. The same is true for the Book Supply Chain but with over 1,5 billion children out of school today in 185 countries access to books is more important than ever.

For young learners in low-income countries online learning and digital books are not accessible so how can we ensure children can continue to learn and engage with books? We invite all our existing partners as well as organizations struggling to address this crisis to contact us in the common quest to ensure maximum access to books.

Moreover, if your books are stuck somewhere in the supply chain, or you need support in assessing obligations from procurer and/or supplier, we can provide you advice to solve any arising problems.

Lastly, what kind of solutions can technology provide in the Book Supply Chain? Solidarity is the most important tool to fight this and blueTree Group is ready to help. We kindly invite you to share your ideas or challenges with us through Maggie de Jongh-Abebe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.