Please meet Viola, our new Program Coordinator

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I jam passionate about quality education and with almost 10 years’ experience working for the largest global publishing organization, United Bible Societies, I am excited about my new role as Program Coordinator for blue Tree Group.

I started my career as a teacher then worked for Education for Marginalized Children in Kenya (EMACK). Later I joined United Bible Societies, a publishing agency that operates in 200 countries and territories globally. When I came across the job advertisement by blueTree Group, I felt nostalgic. I was reminded of my experiences as a research assistant for Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) and my visits to schools in rural parts of Kenya. I remember how heartbroken I was, to see children complete their primary education without knowing how to read.

I still remember meeting a girl in the North Eastern part of Kenya, who had one more year to complete her primary education. She was the only girl in her class, all her peers had dropped out of school. I wondered if her perseverance to complete her primary education would pay off. If she had a chance for success in her final exams to position her for transition to the next level of education. And to later have opportunities for a better quality life. She was one of the non-readers. She could neither read nor comprehend the text presented to her. I wondered how she could even prepare for exams if she could not read. How she could provide responses, if she could not understand the questions.  She was in a context where she had no access to books. No opportunities to practice reading skills. The early grades in her school did not have classrooms. They learnt under a tree with no books at all. It had nothing to do with intelligence, it was about learning how to read so she could comprehend and learn everything there was to learn. It was clear for me to see this because, I on the other hand, was born in a different part of Kenya. I was not an A student during my primary education but I had access to quality education. I learnt how to read and was able to smoothly transition to all levels of education to reach PhD level. I have had opportunities for fulfilling employment and to travel all over the world. This contrast between my experiences and the plight of many children in developing countries stirred in me the desire to apply my knowledge, skills and experiences and contribute towards access to quality education and led me to a decision to apply for this opportunity at blue Tree Group.

I have 12 years work experience in the field of Education, Publishing and Project Management with a focus on Monitoring & Evaluation. I hold a degree in Education and a Masters’ degree in Project Planning and Management.

Viola Kirongo