Book Supply Chain Management during COVID-19 crisis

The global crisis that we are all currently facing is unprecedented and gives great uncertainty about the future. The same is true for the Book Supply Chain but with over 1,5 billion children out of school today in 185 countries access to books is more important than ever.

Private Sector Engagement to improve the local book industry in Ethiopia

blueTree Group is working strategically and systematically with Ethiopia’s READ II project (funded by USAID) and local printing companies to address the bottlenecks faced by the local industry to achieve a sustainable book supply chain.

Please meet Samuel, our Book Chain Specialist

If you see a new face around blueTree Group, well, that’s me, Samuel Mbuto, soon entering my second year at blueTree Group as a Book Chain Specialist. I´m enthusiastic to continue working with this excellent team and likewise excited about the projects we will be working on in future. 

Please meet Viola, our new Program Coordinator

I am passionate about quality education and with almost 10 years’ experience working for the largest global publishing organization, United Bible Societies, I am excited about my new role as Program Coordinator for blue Tree Group.

The blueTree Group team wishes you Happy Holidays. Though celebrated in different ways, in many places of the world this is a festive time. Therefore the offices of blueTree Group will be closed as of December 24 until January 2, 2019. 


A day in the life of blueTree Group consultant Maureen Ochako

I just land in Kotoka International Airport, Ghana, Land of Cocoa. My contact person is waiting to take me to one of the printers. He is one of the nicest, warmest person I've met in a zillion years (let's assume I am a zillion and two years old today).

It's the time of the year again: the children are going back to school!

This means 'rush hour' for all the educational projects supplying millions of textbooks, teacher guides and supplementary reading materials.

Careful planning is the key to survival in these busy times

The blueTree Group team is active on multiple fronts in Sub Saharan Africa:

Maureen is currently on the road with our Malawian logistical expert, Wilson Kamanga, to monitor the sorting, packing and labelling of books in Blantyre.  

This week Roel and Maureen of blueTree Group are attending the 5th CIES conference. Every year they chose exciting locations (Puerto Rico, Toronto, Washington, Vancouver) and this year it will be held in Atlanta. If you have time for a cup of coffee, that would be great. We hope to meet you!

January is always an exciting month. A fresh start of a new year, full of plans to reach your goals. Our ultimate goal is to assist in the development of a sustainable book chain and to upgrade local print facilities, giving the other 90 per cent of the children in developing countries access to school books.