August, 2021

Experts all over the world

At BlueTree Group our projects are not limited to certain geographical areas, as we have implemented projects from the Marshall Islands, Malawi and Honduras. To ensure that we can cover projects in any market, and to gain a broad understanding of the local context, we have an extensive network of project based local consultants. All our project based local consultants have extensive experience in the global book supply chain and have been of great value within our projects.  

In this blog we would like to introduce our project based local consultant in Ethiopia, Hayelom Adane with whom we have been working with for several years on different projects.

« I have been working with BTG on book supply chain management for the last two years on multiple projects. During the project period, I fully participated in the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation by providing technical guidance and support on implementation of books supply chain and Track and Trace system. We ensured millions of school children received books on stipulated time, quantity and quality across Ethiopia. Plus, I participated in the capacity building of stakeholders in the books supply chain (government officials, printers, publishers and IT suppliers) and stakeholders’ engagement (distributors, community members.) I also conducted distribution planning, warehouse management & logistical support, analysing and reporting of analytical data including triangulation of track and trace software dashboard. 
Working with BTG is great as the staff are intelligent, friendly and can encourage you to progress. It is a place where I found work and happiness are mixed together. » 

We have local consultants in many countries, and our network keeps broadening. Would you like to know more about how we work with project based local consultants, or how we have gained such an extensive network, please send us a message at 


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