Book Supply Chain Analysis

Book Supply Chain Analysis involves meeting all relevant private and public stakeholders at centralized and decentralized levels to access technical capacity, personal knowledge and operational systems in an effort to recommend practical actions to create well-functioning book supply chains that get children the books they need, when they need them.

Book Supply Chain Analysis (BSCAs) provide the information and analysis that governments, donors, implementing agencies, and private sector partners need in order to operate at optimum capacity with regards to book provision. Our BSCAs identify the gaps in the existing book supply chain and propose actionable recommendations, as well as identifying opportunities in the book supply chains and relevant actions to take advantage of them.

The Book Supply Chain has six main phases, which are analysed in every BSCA:
1. Planning and Forecasting
2. Title Development
3. Publishing and Printing
4. Procurement
5. Distribution Management
6. Active Use

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