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Incoterms and Insurances for Reading Projects

The selection of the correct incoterms and insurance is one of the keys to a successful international book procurement, as it clarifies the financial risks and responsibilities of the contractual parties. Christophe Barth, BlueTree Group’s Managing Director and consultant for Read@Home, wrote a guide on incoterms and insurances together with and for the World Bank Read@Home team.

Meet Lola Shoneyin! BlueTree’s project based local consultant based in Nigeria.

Meet Lola Shoneyin! BlueTree’s project based local consultant based in Nigeria.

Being a writer, a reader, a publisher, a bookstore-owner and a festival director has given me a unique perspective of the book supply chain in Nigeria and West Africa. I work with BTG on planning, collation, and assessment of research material. My understanding, immersion and visibility in the book production value chain means that I connect BTG with relevant individuals and organise important meetings, many of which I attend.

Highlights National Numeracy Project Malawi

Learners and teachers from 200 schools in 19 zones across Malawi have successfully completed the first term of the year-long pilot phase of the NNP, and teacher training for Term 2 is almost completed.

Challenges in Providing Learning Materials for Special Needs Children in Developing Countries

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), approximately 15% of the global population, or a billion individuals, live with some form of disability.

Developing countries have the highest prevalence, accounting for 80% of this demographic, with 1 in 10 being a child. Persons living with disabilities in developing countries face a myriad of challenges, these include poverty, poor access to health services, and a lack of quality education.

Can “Bulky” Paper Reduce the Costs of Reading Materials?

Bulky paper is a recent innovation within the printing industry, and is very suitable for the printing of books, because of its light-weight and thickness. This makes the paper less expensive compared to equivalent paper types. In this blog, we describe the advantages of bulky paper and how it is used in practice.

Field Experiences in Ghana

In August Samuel traveled to Ghana for a Technical Assistance Trip (TA). In this blog, Samuel shares his work and personal experience during his time in Ghana.

How the container and paper crisis impacts the global supply chain of books

BlueTree Group is constantly monitoring the global trends of the Book Supply Chain, including possible delays in the supply of raw materials and the disruptions that have occurred as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Schools worldwide are reopening and children are increasingly going back into the classrooms. Unfortunately, although children have gone back to school, there will be no books in some of these schools as a result of factors explicitly elaborated below including lack of paper among others.

Experts all over the world

At BlueTree Group our projects are not limited to certain geographical areas, as we have implemented projects from the Marshall Islands, Malawi and Honduras. To ensure that we can cover projects in any market, and to gain a broad understanding of the local context, we have an extensive network of project based local consultants.

Book Sizes in Publishing

Books are found in different sizes and determining your book size is one of the most important decisions to make. Since there are many book sizes available in the market, guidance is needed to help determine which is the most appropriate book size for your project.