Travel companions are welcome!

Travel Companions

‘Books for the other 90%’ is a journey with a mission. We are not on this journey alone but with a carefully selected group of travel companions. Each traveller has specific skills and contributes to achieving this goal. So far blueTree Group is composed of members with expertise in the different areas of the book chain including the area of print (pre-press, press and post-press), research, procurement, business planning, human rights and corporate responsibility.

We have an office in the Netherlands and in Kenya and work with a select group of partners that shares our mission of 'Books for the other 90 per cent'. We are working with Ministries of Education, local printers and country experts in developing countries, NGO’s in Washington D.C. and leading international printers.

Do you share our dream to improve education in developing countries and to increase the literacy and numeracy level of children? Then contact us. Together we can realize 'Books for the other 90 per cent'!