IMG 20210323 WA0002blueTree Group started as an idea born out of the injustices that the owner, Roel de Haas, witnessed when he travelled to a number of developing countries. In these countries, most children did not have their own schoolbooks and had to make copies from children who were able to afford them. Struck with a feeling of injustice and with a backpack of graphic knowledge, Roel decided to investigate if he could contribute to addressing this book poverty in developing countries. This marked the start of a journey for ‘books for the other 90 per cent’. blueTree Group was created to bring this idea to reality.

Children have the Right to Read. blueTree Group wants to contribute to this basic human right in developing countries through facilitating collaboration of all stakeholders involved in the book chain of a country.

We identify local opportunities and provide technical assistance to increase local know how and capacity to develop and deliver books. Thirty years of experience in the book industry and a global network is what you will find in our backpack. We approach the challenge from different perspectives coming to pragmatic solutions to build the local book chain.

The book:pupil rations vary widely between developing countries and between urban and rural areas but the ratio can be as low as 1 book for 19 students versus 31 books per student in developed countries. Research shows a direct relationship between the acquisition of literacy skills and access to books at school and at home. This is why we should all prioritize access to quality, affordable books, whether this is a printed book or a digital learning tool. blueTree Group supports governments, development partners, NGO’s and the private sector in the development of an efficient local book chain.